Come for a vist or stay a while in the
Sebastian River area of Indian River County

on Florida's Treasure Coast

About us:  How we ended up in the Sebastian River area

Our lives were well established in Atlanta skyline Atlanta when, while innocently visiting good friends here in 2002, we happened upon a sprawling compound on the banks of the Saint Sebastian River.

Part of a larger estate built by an auto industry baron at the beginning of the 20th century, the main house andHouse 1920s  carriage house (now the Poolside Cabana guest house) were in sad disrepair, and the lush grounds were wild and overgrown.  The huge swimming pool was cracked and sagging, but even so it held a huge welcoming expanse of glistening turquoise water.  With one glance at the pool and the spectacular river view, we were instantly hooked.

Eight hours later we were under contract to buy this stunning remnant of the B.F. Goodrich tire"Goodrich Estate," and we proceeded to spend the next five years renovating the property, selling our property in Atlanta, renovating our Atlanta home to get it on the market, rearranging our professional lives, and selling a successful Atlanta business so that we could make this our permanent home.

StressedDuring this upheaval, including two back-to-back hurricanes in 2004, we Hurricane Frances over Florida 9/5/2004sometimes wondered whether it was all worth it. But without fail, every time we set foot on the grounds of this place again, we realized that the answer was a resounding "yes!"

We trust that you'll find the Sebastian River area to be an unforgettable place to stay as well, and we look forward to sharing our home with you.  Contact us today



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